10 Self Care Routines I Use

Self care is not selfish. It is all about being aware of what you need and making time to make happen. Priorities are important right and they are from the most important to the least important. So number one on the list should be you.

Self care is all about lifestyle changes and techniques to assist you in managing depression, anxiety, stress and many other things.

These are tips to help you along the way that I use.

1. Scheduling breaks into my journal and calendar

You can become burnout from steady working and not taking the time in between to clear your mind and stretch your limbs. So make sure to take breaks in between to get away from the computer to have lunch, have me time, meditate, stretch, and walk.

2. Take a break from social media.

3. Take a warm lavender bath

4. Listen to jazz music

5. Light a candle

6. Say no instead of yes

7. Distance yourself from toxic


8. Keep hydrated

9. Find great healthy foods for

your gut

10. Eat more veggies and fruits

Find ways to stay healthy by doing healthy things.


Shawonnica S

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