Attracting Who You Are

From the smell goods to the fashion it all matters. Your attitude is a perfect example of yourself worth. The moment you speak volumes of your life is when you will fully attract the people or things you want in your life. See sweet get sweet is just not said it is literally saying you will get all that you require yourself to get once you find what is the requirement. You attract what you put out. If you put in a lot of time to look a certain way or know certain things that will be the outcome of your attraction. Fulfill your life with peaceful things.

I found I love combining styles a little from one look and a little from another. Today I wore a kind of classical timeless dress which is a navy essential straight line dress with a flair at bottom of the sleeves. It is so comfortable for the fall. It is a mid weight dress and not a light thin dress for the summer nor is it a thick material dress for the winter. It is just right for the Fall. Don’t get it twisted it is sharp. The brand is (The Limited). I paired it with navy and gold earrings, my prescription rose color sunnies (Eliazabeth Arden), and tan Sandals with a heel (Union Bay).

I love fashion, beauty, travel, photography, and lifestyle that is what I am attracted to, and therefore this is what will be attracted to me.

The moment you realize you have all the power you need to catcher whatever you are requiring to fulfill than your life will revolve into your reality. That is truly your truth.

Never lose your beginnings and middles just keep it in archives. They influence the things to come in your life. It is your story. It is just the beginning when you believe. Stay grounded in strength and weakness from that you will grow.

I always take moments in the day to re-energize. It is a requirement in my life. My next post will be on how I re-energize and why.


Shawonnica S

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