Autumn Coming Your Way

I remember as a middle schooler walking into my home economics class all things arts and crafts I would learn. There were many things to get my hands all tangled up in from sewing on the sewing machine, cooking, baking, and crocheting. I can say this class made me find my way into creativity. It was a class that would teach me everyday life things from relaxing to cooking. The enjoyment of crochet became a passion of love which would actually become a world of working success for me. You see over the years I have found I love all things home economic over everything I do. These are things I always turn back to. Patience has become essential in my life and it has helped me in communicating with others. I love to teach and this is one of my ways of giving back. Every year I set out to knit and crochet, and when someone purchase items they are giving back to communities. They buy how many they want of an item from my shop, and I give a knitted or crochet hat to someone in need.

As a youngster I always knew I wanted to give back to others who needed things and now that I am older I am able to do just that. I found my happiness is through a world of empowering, motivating, inspiring, and giving. Over the years I have been able to give to many of hundreds of kids and this year I am looking to double that. I am looking to participate in local community events, public appearances, and shows that have crafts and arts so if you know of any send them my way. I look forward to keeping the art of yarning moving forward.

What’s Coming to my blog?


*Beginners crocheting

*Beginners knitting

*Beginners latch hook

*Beginners cross stitch

*Autumn Vegan Soup Making

*Christmas Decor Making

Courses Coming Soon


Shawonnica S

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