Beauty at Bay

There is nothing I love more than beautifying. I always have a vision in my mind of who I want to be that day which is really reality because it is me. However there is no particular brand of makeup I am really a die hard fan of right now.

My birthday is in a couple of days and yes, I am excited on my new journey to come. Every birthday is a new journey for me because with my new age comes new changes. This year I will be a mid-age Queen. Yes, I will be in my mid-life journey. I am looking forward to finding my new treasures my new journey will bring.

There are two things I have notice already I don’t like heavy makeup. I like to wear light weight makeup if I wear any at all. I love bronzers as you see I am applying above. A lot of times I like to apply it as blush. This particular one is She Makeup. It is a mineral bronzer. I try my hardest not to never run out. My skin does well with it. I don’t break out with pimples when I wear it. My skin requires and love a lot of love and attention. That is why it is a necessity to always care for my skin morning and night. That will be discussed in a later post.

My under eyes are usually dark so I apply NYX Dark Circle Concealer Correcteur. I wear the no more blemish powder in the color of toasted almond. It is very light and hide my blemishes. Absolute New York Matte Lipstick is what I am wearing above. I really don’t care to apply mascara and eyeliner, but when I do I usually wear wet and wild mega protein.

As always I love to pose in the mirror. Confidence is something I truly love to carry. I was born a queen, a leader, and to do everything with grace therefore my purpose is powerful.


Shawonnica S

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