Challenge: Wellness Walking for the Corporate Employers

Hello Corporate Employers!

I am Shawonnica S. and I love everything wellness. I hope you are in the number one corporation group to have healthy employees to perform at their very best.  Motivation and Wellness is the absolutely most important thing on the job. When you don’t have  well employees that is when performance on the job decreases.  Employees will start to miss days of work because their health is not in great shape. What if you could assist in preventing chronic diseases wouldn’t that be great.  Walking is one of the topic notch ideas to promote disease prevention and management.

Did you know walking decreases the risk for depression, Type 2 diabetes, stroke,  heart disease, high blood pressure, and joint pain? Well, yes it does.  Walking helps people minds relax.  When exercise is a routine it assists a person with confidence and a feeling of happiness by releasing good endorphins from the brain.  When someone is able to accomplish a goal or get in shape their confidence level increases. Walking provides socialization among a group of people who are doing it together which is a perfect way to build teams. They get to know one another and encourage the other person. The heart is the major part of the body so everyone should keep it healthy. Walking reduces the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.  For someone who have joint pain and steady weight gain sitting and not moving is not a great thing. The way to correct that is have them move by walking and this will help them lose weight, and help reduce pain in the joints. Through walking joint pain is reduce when the joints are provided the fluids they need through moving. It is like the blood. When blood is able to travel to all parts of the body the body performs like a sailor, but when a person sits the blood sits and gets clogged because there is not any movement to assist the blood in its travels.

Assist your employees and they will assist the corporation.  When you place wellness in your space it increases employees morale, productivity, and lower health cost rates. Let the game change of unhealthy employees to healthy employees and this in return will decrease absences.  Think about it when employees are well they have a lot more energy and their spirit is like a sparkle.

Corporate Trucking Employers encourage your drives to walk and eat healthy and this will assist them in having a great physical to perform the job. I will post some tips later. Provide them with incentives to reach certain points. Maybe have a point system to win certain gift cards.

All it takes are ways to motivate your employees to walk and eat healthy.  Let’s start with the walking challenge, but remember this is the beginning. It has to continue in order for it to work.

Start a walking challenge among your employees. Encourage them to use an activity tracker to record their data.  I use the Nike app on my phone to record my walk/run routines and I am able to listen to music while I am exercising.

Every job is about teamwork, and here is one great way to assist with team building.  Employees can challenge each other or the employer can divide employees into groups for group challenges.  So I would suggest starting with a two weeks challenge. You decide if this will be an individual challenge or group challenge.

Set the date to start and end. List the prize or prizes for the most steps. Examples of prizes are gift cards or raffles. While the challenge is going on send out emails and or texts for motivation. At the end of challenge they have to turn in the results to the Employer.  After that challenge is over, increase it to a month challenge and with that one provide a most improve award. After each one is up, start another one or a different fitness challenge.

~Remember Communication & Motivation Is Key~

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