Christmas Day

Yesterday was Christmas Day. What a joyful time we had. It brought joy to my soul seeing the smiles and laughter from my family as they opened their gifts in awe. I wrapped each and every gift without anyone knowing who had what. Everyone was surprised to know who got what. As the gift opening came to an end I immediately started to break boxes down and trash gift wrapping paper. The Christmas Trees came down shortly afterwards. I did not waste any time doing so because I knew I had to get started on what was to come next on my journey. Christmas is my favorite holiday, however I always look forward to the New Year.

The must haves for the New Year:

1. 2018 Calendar Book/little book

It is important to keep track of everything that is going on especially if you are a busy mom.

2. Wirelessly Waterproof Speaker for the shower

Much needed time to relax

3. Wi-fi Range Extender

WiFi need to work in every space possible so you will not miss a thing

4. Bluetooth Tracking Device(keys especially)

I am good at losing my keys and it is terrible when I am in a rush and have no clue where they are.

5. Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Who have time to hold a phone when doing things. This Speaker will keep you hands free and talking at the same time. So this is amazing because you can listen at music, podcasts, and have conversations on this device.

These are just a few of my 2018 must haves.

What do you all think? Would love to hear from you.


Shawonnica S. Hightower

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