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I love being a girly – girl

I love being a girly- girl for many reasons, but read the ones listed below.

I am in love with a lot of fabulous things, but the main things are hats, glasses, lipstick, dresses, and o-course shoes.  Now let’t s be real what girly-girl does not like these things.  Name brand fashion stores are not just a one stop shop for me. Don’t get it twisted I love name brands, but I also like thrifty shopping. When I thrift I am able to find things I may or may not find in a brand store. Let’s keep it simple it’s about style and grace and being a badass queen.  A girl who has confident in herself will find herself in many fabulous places and around those with passion. If she believes she will succeed.


This one evening I found myself just relaxing in elegance. I love sitting in the sun and connecting to earth. The earth is full of love and can be so much more if we just take care of it.  Here I just place my shoes aside and place my bare feet on the ground. This is a way of connecting my energy to the earth energy for healing. That is a subject for another day.  The sun is full of smiles. It provides that golden bronze to my skin that I love. My eyes are very sensitive so I have to protect them with my prescription sunglasses. The wide brim sunhat is just a great addition.  O-my these shoes are so timeless, look at the design on the toe and then the wooden heels. O -how I love silhouettes that have straps like these. I think they make a lady look like a million dollars (classy elegance).

The explanation on earth energy and the body’s energy connecting will be coming soon on an upcoming post.

Everything outside is grows from a great energy source and it is natural.  When I spend time outside and meditate I feel secure and stable.  I feel more calmer and have more balance from the earth energy and my energy connecting.


The Little Black Dress (LBD)

This is a simple affordable little black straight line dress with a little bit of pink satin trim. You can’t go wrong with this dress it has clean lines with a little flair to show off your curves.  I think every girl should have a little back dress in her closet as a staple. It always come in good when you are going somewhere special and don’t quiet know what to where and what color.  That is also the time when neutral colors are the best colors such as blacks, whites, and beiges.


I am that girl who likes to be comfortable and natural looking.  That timeless look is just classy elegant to me.  It says a lot about a girl. She is in her own era and goes by her own rules. She sets the clock according to her time.






Hat: Wal-Mart

Shoes: Goodwill

Little Black Dress: Goodwill

Prescription Sunglasses: Sam’s Club

Pink Lipstick: MAC Cosmetics

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