Comfort Through Fashion

I could not let another moment pass without telling you how important it is to be comfortable with your inner and outer being. On an another note it is very important to step out of your comfort zone when moving to another phase in your life. That is two totally different comfort zones. It does not matter what the case maybe because decisions have to be made. Nothing will change when it comes to things like that. Be comfortable inside yourself with thoughts and comfortable with what you are wearing when you approach those uncomfortable situations you have to be in to go to the next level. Discomfort and Comfort is not by any means our enemy it is our friend to success. The best part out of all this is practicing your strategies to deal with discomfort.

You may ask what are the strategies to deal with discomfort.


1. Meditation (mindfulness)

2. Manage your time

3. Relaxation Techniques

4. Sleep

5. Physical Activities

6. Eat Fruit and veggies

7. Avoid caffeinated beverages

8. Drink more water

9.

I decided to change my way of living in many ways which is totally my lifestyle. As I get older the more I focus on things I want to accomplish in my life. Now that is important indeed wouldn’t you say. Don’t struggle with things you don’t have to struggle with. Now I consider situations of fashion as being so cool as my daughter would say. Fashion huh. Yes, I said fashion.

Everyday I like to meditate and with that comes relaxation. I could not get away from purchasing this light mint color dress. It called my name to relax.

The thing about this dress is it can be worn with one side up or just down all together. It does not matter it is up to you, but what you need to know is it is soft and comfortable. This one is a keeper. You will not want to pull it off anytime soon.

V neck, Mint Color, Soft, Comfortable Dress with pockets

Purchased at Nadia’s Boutique

Brand: Entro

Black Flaps

Gold Ring Earrings

Rose Gold Bracelet


Shawonnica S

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