Disney Family Trip

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The World of Disney was so amazing. It was our first time ever at this amazing park we had heard everyone talking about.  We only went to one park, however that was enough for us because the weather was so hot and all the walking…. goodness gracious. Magic Kingdom was so magical with so many things to discover. It was a dream come true for my girls especially my oldest who has autism.  That meant the world to her. It was like she was in heaven. Her smiles were magical.  As sisters they were able to experience this together.  Their bond is like no other it brings tears of happiness to my eyes most of the time. My husband and I love to see their bonding time. The Power of Sisterly Bonding is wonderful.

This was also a dream come true for me as well.  The adventures of this trip was everything I had dream of as a little girl.  Mickey has always been my guy.  Can you believe I still have my phone from my years as a little girl?  I know, I know what you may be thinking, but I will cherish this phone as long as I live.  Somethings you just don’t get rid of from your childhood years, and my Mickey phone below is one of those things (my keepsake). I have my mother to think for keeping him and giving him to me as an adult. Thank you mom!


My husband enjoyed the trip as well.  He is looking forward to going back. We all rode on rides together. We were able to spend time as a family and chat about the adventure as well as other things.

From the rides, stores, restaurants, and parade it was out of this world.  Everyone should go no matter what age they are.   People were there from all over the world speaking different languages. I love when society can come together as one with peace. Now that is magically by itself thanks to Walt he made it happen.

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We love Disney so much we plan to go back this year around Christmas time. One other thing that I think is terrific are the accommodations for those who have cognitive disabilities.  The accommodations are break areas for those who become over stimulated, rider switch, and disability access services.  I highly recommend this trip for families with children who have cognitive disabilities. Ask their staff about them when you call or visit.

Let me know what your experience was when you visited. Leave me a comment.


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