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Good Sunsay Father’s Day!


I started Saturday night planning my Sunday self care routine for myself which included planning the special day for Father’s Day. It went off like a rocket. I started my day with prayer, meditation, stretches, and walking. All is listed in the link with a great guide to self care girls. It includes my agenda for strength training, toning and how I like to prepare my day.

There is nothing like walking six miles and listening at my favorite songs on my playlist. I get so into the music I don’t mind working out more than usual. It takes my mind to another place. I am calmer as well.

Father’s Day

My kids and I surprised my husband with gifts he did not know he was getting. My spouse is very picky on what he wears from cologne, soap, deodorant, shoes, clothes, and so much more. We took very good notes on his likes and dislikes because we know if he doesn’t like something he is not wearing it. He is very vocal so you will know. Over a period of time we have been taking notes because he is a great husband and dad. This man works 7 days and calls us every hour to check on the family to ensure we are good. He often surprises me with things I like. When he walks through the door after work he brings me an apple pie. We are so blessed to have him. This Father’s Day we surprised him with sandals, cologne, and seafood. I love to see savings on items and so I took advantage of my Retailmenot app and Sam’s Card. Discounts are the real deal, and I absolutely recommend anyone to use coupons.

Shawonnica S.

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