Happy Mother’s Day

The greatest job is being a mom. It is trail and error, but it is all worth the time. Every second and minute is a constant change in direction.

Today I was able to sit back and enjoy the view. My baby girl drove me around. She is still in training, however I am able to relax because she is mindful of what she is doing.

She is taking me to the square to take pictures.

All the teachings of driving. Stop, slow down, and go is all part of the process. It is all worth it. A mother’s job is a constant go forever.

O-YEAH don’t forget the gas tank. It is dangerous as well. There are rules to the gas tanks too. I spend time teaching her the rules. The No’s to the yes’s.

A Mother’s job is never done. I would not change it for the world. It keeps me going. Love this job.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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