Let Love Be Your Care To Happiness

The moment I chose to accept me for who I am totally has been the greatest feeling ever. I am able to love myself unconditionally without caring or pleasing others. That has taken the stress out of my Care Pledge.

Can you imagine being stress the hell out? You have to tell your self it is better for me out there, and I will be in that better group better yet more than better greatness. There are a couple of self care tips I have for you that has helped me out tremendously. Let’s start.

  1. Accept you for who you are
  2. Start doing what you enjoy doing
  3. Make a list of the things you want to do and start them right away
  4. Take time for yourself without any disturbance. No cellphones, no house phones, no talking, no television, No computers
  5. Occasionally have foot rubs, messages, peds/manicures , and shopping sprees
  6. Plan trips
  7. Meditate
  8. Find time for fitness
  9. Eat healthy (invent recipes to your liking
  10. Smile everyday and take more pictures
  11. Dress up more, dress in only the things you adore
  12. Provide yourself with flowers and more fresh flowers
  13. Spend more time with……
  • All these things never killed anyone. It may have actually saved them. I look forever to living a longer healthier life with pure happinesses and doing what I enjoy doing.
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