Make Time To Re-Energize

There is so much going on now days, and guess what it causes your brain to shut down. You maybe saying what the hell. Yes, you go from having a clear focus mind to a cramp of no thinking mind. The no thinking mind may also be combined with not being able to talk clearly because you are not thinking clearly.

Re-energizing is like charging your station. The batteries have died in station 1 so they have to be recharged in order to use the items in the station.

I re-energize everyday. The weather outside is amazing, most days I go outside and sit on the ground under a tree to think or lay in my recliner chair on the back porch. At that time it becomes strictly my time so there are no electronics of any kind nor any other activities. It is strictly me.

There are times I read books, write, or listen to my podcast. These things provide me a focus point and laughter. Laughter is so important. I laugh so hard sometimes I come to tears.

I love to eat the things I love and at moments that maybe fruits, pies, or chocolates. It is ok to eat whatever you like, but in moderation . Just remember to eat more fruit and veggies.

Sleep is essential and a nap is great in the day.

I don’t drink caffeine at all. I don’t like how it makes me feel. So I enjoy herbal tea, water, smoothies, juices, and decaf coffee.

I find time to socialize.

I love nature, and so I have a watchful eye when anything changes in nature. I will walk miles and miles to look at nature.

Crochet and knitting have always been my go to and still is.

I always tell myself what I am grateful for. Things happened in my life to get to where I am or where I am going.

Lastly I close my eyes and listen to music.

I embrace Re-energizing gracefully. I hope y’all re-energize too.


Shawonnica S

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