Mother and Daughter Chats

Mother and Daughter Park Chat. Skirt and Shirt: Nada’s Boutique, Flower Wedge Shoes: Kohl’s Department Store

I have always find it important to have those mother and daughter talks and to always say I love you several times a day. No matter what I believe it is important to leave those conversations open to talk about any and everything. We can talk at home, but it is a little easier when we are actually having a blast or even sitting in a nice relaxing area like a park.  There are different conversations such as, those that have to be explained in different ways to be understood.  The key is patience. You hear me patience.  I think a conversation should not be forced unless it has to. I find it easier to start talking about something they are interested in or just by asking a simple question like how was your day today. That will usually start with it was good or bad. Well what happened? The conversation begins and leads to many conversations. 


Mother and Daughter Chat Starting With Flowers

Conversational pieces like the one above are great ways to start talking about anything. I love when they say momma let me tell you what happened. Family outs usually are educational tools for me and the family, and I still end up learning something within the trip.  You will be surprise how you can actually obtain information without having to ask straight out.  Sometimes when you ask straight out you don’t get anywhere, and they shut down.  


Mother and Daughter Red Lobster Date. Overall Pants: Target, Slip on Shoes: Kohl’s Department Store, Vegan Book Bag: TJ Max

I find it very essential to stay true to your self when it comes to wearing things that you like. I am that mother who likes to stay classy, sassy, and comfortable.  The clothes can range from skirts to big legs pants as long as I am comfortable doing the things my girls like to do when I am out with them.  I am the mother who likes to have one on ones, family chats, and triple chats.  The one on ones are about that particular daughter at that time. I feel every daughter needs to have that quality time with their mother or father to discuss anything he or she would like to discuss and have fun at the same time. Then it is those chats as a family to share our thoughts, how we are feeling, how we are doing as a family, and family issues that needs to be addressed from the children and parents.  The girls chat is all about me and the girls. We go out on shopping dates, movie dates, brunch, or just a stay at home movie night.  We chat about what each other like, what we are looking forward to, and what we expect out of each other.  There are also those daddy and daughter dates where daddy and daughter have time to discuss all kinds of things too.  

I find it very important to have conversations with your kids at all age levels especially when they are in high school getting ready to graduate and go on to higher levels.  High school graduations are the beginnings to a new beginning and then it is time for them to smell the flowers to a new age of grown-ish which is Adulthood. Many Blessing my child your new level will begin which you will experience new things on your own.  I will always be there to assist you along the way as you travel the road to many pass and fails.

The butterfly is the meaning to new beginnings.
Walk along the trail to many great things to smell as success is yours as you see it.


Shawonnica S.

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