Floral Wide Leg Jumper

It has been a while since I had a blog conversation with you all.  There have been a lot happened since I wrote my last post.  June was a shocking month that took me on a roller coaster ride at Six Flag. God knows I dislike those things.Just the thought of not knowing and being prepared for the unexpected made me think and begin to live my life a little different.  My baby walking by my side passed away the last day of June. She is my angel in heaven now.I accept the things I can not change, and I am grateful for the things that I have and can change. In the mean time,  let me share with you some pieces I recently purchase and paired with some of my already must haves. The wide legs on this jumper is ridicules crazy comfortable. They are all things breathable, and yes, they are see through. I wore black shape wear which covered me from the thigh up like a body suit.  I needed these especially on this day because it was so damn hot. I wore my prescription sunglasses, Elizabeth Taylor gold tone tennis shoes, along with my grey vegan bag. Red Frame Eye Wear: Tory Burch Wide Legs Jumper: T J Max Dept.Store. Gold Tone Shoes: JcPenny Sam & Libby Gold Flat Heel Sandals Vegan Backpack: T J Max Dept. Store. The Jumper was holding a meeting with my legs and thighs that day because it was so freaking hot outside. So the jumper went off because she was catching sweat on her gorgeous cloth. Love,Shawonnica S.


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