My Story is My Balance

There is nothing or no one who could have prepared me for my truth as a a parent. I would say it is by far the hardest, but most loving career I could ever ask for.

Why I call it a career? Well according to the dictionary it is a calling for a significant amount of time in a person’s life with opportunities for progress. I would say that is my story my truth my balance.

I always thought the job would get easier as my kids got older, but somehow it became more of a continuous learning process as in two different ways. Two different ways in terms of my oldest having special needs and my youngest not having special needs and both needing different kind of attention. Parenting does not come with a manual, and it is surely not place on a silver plater. Parenting is a trail and error process.

I have learned a parent can speak with another parent about almost the same situations they are going through with their children, however they are different because their children are different. For example, both children are mild autism, but they are different because their behaviors are not the same. Children changes as they get older, therefore as a parent you are continuing to learn how to deal with different things.

The life I live is not an easy one. I may make it look easy, but it is challenging. The balance comes into place when I make time for myself. As a mother, wife, and entrepreneur I had to say and make it known it is ok to have me time and take it. I must mean the world to me to have a balance to pull everything together.

I hope you join me in 4 days as I day view My Story Is My Balance on my lifestyle channel on YouTube @ShawonnicaS.


Shawonnica S

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