Not A tattoo…it’s a brand

Hey Now! You see the brands above I often get asked about them and complemented. So here is a little history. The year is 1920. That is the year my sorority was found. Shout out to my sorors the Lovely Ladies of Zeta Phi Beta, Inc. (ZZZZZZZZZZZZ-Phi).

Some ask me if it is a tattoo… like it is one, hell to the no. I don’t know what tattoos feel like, but I don’t think they compare to nothing like a brand. Don’t get me wrong of anything I love the look of tattoos, and I would love to have just one, but these are not them. A matter of fact this is not just one brand it is actually four.

There are many ways to get branded. These were done by four fire heated coat hangers. They were applied in one strike. The hangers were shaped into numbers and letters. I say letters because I also had two on my leg which fade out.  They were cleaned everyday and coated with Neosporin Antibiotic Ointment. Within a couple of days they started to heal meaning dry out and scab. I don’t remember how long they took to completely heal, but they did.

I also get asked did I have to get branded for my sorority. The answer is no, it is something I decided to do. Did they hurt? The process stung. If I was actually in pain the numbers would have been everywhere because of the movement.  They are neatly done in a straight line. Thanks to my frat who did them. My brands are not actually deep as you see guys, but they are deep enough to be seen.

Zeta Phi Beta Undergrad ~Fall 97~


Shawonnica S

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