Oatmeal Twist

There is nothing funder than having a big bowl of delicious oatmeal in the mornings. By the way did you know Oatmeal Day is in October? Yes honty, my birthday month. To be exact it is October 29 the day after my birthday. I am getting you prepared for the colder months.

A little health information for you as it relates to your body and this healthy amount of fiber. The soluble fiber in oatmeal assists in lowering cholesterol, stabilizing blood glucose levels, decreasing constipation, protects against skin irritations, and lowers blood sugar. Guess what, it also fills you up.

On another note if you have a gluten problem be cautious, and please listen to your body. It could be toxic to your gut. I truely know about this gluten issue. I had to change my diet due to doctors orders because toxins were leaking in my blood stream causing my stomach to swell and constipation was a huge issue. Be careful about what you eat because everybody’s body response differently to things than others. I am back on a regular regimen now, however I still listen to my body. So enough with that. On to the oatmeal twist recipe.


(1)Apple Instant Oatmeal and (1)regular oatmeal

2/3 cup of vanilla almond milk

All to your taste

Add cinnamon

Add cardamom

Add all spice

Add Raisins

Add vegan caramel (recipe is listed in another post)

Microwave for 2minutes

Stir when finish there you have it

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Shawonnica S

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