Ruffle Floral Cream Dress

Hello Y’all!

It is really my bedtime, but I could not go to sleep before I shared this amazing cream one sided ruffle dress. I purchased this one from Target. I paired it with tan sandals. As always I have my sunglasses on even if they are sitting on top of my head at the moment. Just believe they are never far from me. Who is a girl without her lipstick? Lipstick and sunglasses are one of my must haves. Red lips statement is: a badass queen who is sizzling hot.

My day begins with all my favorite things, so when I step out I feel confident I am going to do some amazing things.

I love everything about getting ready! That is the beauty of it all fashion, makeup, and jewelry.

❤~love, style, & grace~❤

Shawonnica S

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