Shop for Fashion at a Bargin

Hello everyone… I would like to share some great bargains with you on some classical fashion I recently purchased. I don’t know about you, but I love great deals. Timeless is so in. I can’t imagine anyone saying it is not. Ok, the elephant leg pants or jeans were the style back in the 60’s and 70’s, and they have returned in the 2000’s. Then there were the big sunglasses. The big sunglasses and cat eye glasses are a huge hit once again. Old always become new again. Check this out natural hair and fros were the thing in the 60’s and now it is a huge trend in the 2000’s. Everything is like a recycling kind of thing. So check out this video on some timeless shoes. Share this post.

As you can see in this video I am having gut issues once again. So I changed my lifestyle to gluten free. I don’t look like I am expecting a baby now. This is a video of what happens when gluten takes over my body. A blog and youtube video coming soon.


Shawonnica S

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