Sky Blue Crop Top & Waist Belted Skirt



There is not a moment that goes by that I don’t feel the need to love me for me.  When I see an outfit, shoes, or anything that I feel the need to make me happy that is what I buy.  One of my favorite shops is Nadia’s Boutique.  I love the clothes and accessories she offers.  Her store is centered around a Bohemian type style.  I purchase this crop top and waist belted skirt there.  When I am looking for something special and particular I can usually find it in her shop.  You can find Nadia Boutique in McDonough and Buckhead.

The sky blue color adorn with roses and three straps I caught on sale at Kohl’s Department Store. They are so comfortable and goes well with my belted skirt.



Her bags are so nice with a multitude of  water colors.  That is her personality coming out through bag.  She is a friendly being with so much joy, and she offers excellent fashion advice. Her store associates are also really nice and knows about the fashion in Nadia’s Boutique.

IMG_0464This flame is a flame that symbolizes eternal life.  To that I say I am eternally grateful to be in good health and spirit to inspire and encourage other women to be the best at what they do. No matter what age you may be you can always do what is in your soul. Just be you and go out an accomplish your dreams. It is never to late. Never say never.



Mother and Daughter Chat

As a mother I found it is extremely important to have chats with my kids. I always have time to stop what I am doing and listen to what they have to say.  You never know if you will ever get that chance again. Love everyday all day.  I felt the motherly bond the moment my daughters started their movements in my belly, and it grew stronger once they were born.  The older they get the more bonded we become. She is one of two.


This is one of the ways I would like to experience traveling one day is by an Amtrak train.  I think it would be a fun experience to sit in comfortable sits as the train travel at high speeds.  I encountered the Southern name when I visited this beautiful train site. The Southern name means a lot to me because it is in my blood. It is my family name. I will always cherish the Southern name forever and ever.

xoxo ~ Love ~ xoxo

Shawonnica S.


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