Thanksgiving is everyday

Everyday we have something to be thankful for. Today is the day we call Thanksgiving Day. What does that actually mean to you? What is your story to the meaning of your life or let you peak in the lives of others? So what does the word thanksgiving actually mean? Let’s break it a part. Thanks and giving means to me give thanks by giving. Everyday we are given life and we shall thank the lord for his blessings. So as we go about our day let’s be thankful for what is given and give and be thankful that we are able to give. To give is not much at all. Someone may need a smile or a kind word to carry on their day. It is as simple as that. It does not take much. Let’s be thankful by giving.

When you give and is thankful for what you have done it contributes a lot to your health and wellness. Did you know it lowers stress, increase positive vibes, improves self esteem and confidence? Giving plays a major part in your health.

Give from your heart and be mindful.

Shawonnica S. Hightower

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