The Color Of Blooms

I live by the color of blooming as a matter of fact blooming is all part of the perfect world.  Blooming is Growth.  I can’t imagine growth without things dying off.  There are things you can’t hold on to.  You have to let them die in order to grow. There is not one thing this is aimed at it is about everything in life.  When I laid eyes on this blouse it was so me… so me as if I was the colorful flowers to sprout all over the place.  

The Colorful says to me I can get through anything and everything that comes my way.  This week has been kinda hectic as a mother with a daughter with mental health issues. I am the mother who keeps on keeping on. I am my daughter’s keeper.  I have confident to always be the best of me at whatever level I am at. 


This day I choose to wear this blouse I purchased from Nadia’s Boutique. It filled my day with so much love and joy because of all the bright and joyful colors. I love the details which are the openings, V-neck, and wide end sleeves. Look how amazing and classic it is.


The trimmings are remarkable. I can’t get enough of them.  The blouse is so comfortable and the flair is awesome. Any girl would love the elegant and the special touches it carries.


I paired it with wooden circle earrings, glossy pendent necklace, and gold frame glasses.


There is nothing more I love than to treat myself with the finest flowers whether they are house flowers are outside flowers. I love the present of them around me.  So how perfect is it to shop and wear them at the same time?  Immaculate I would say.


Shawonnica S


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