The Struggle

Struggling is not called struggling for nothing. You grow through the struggle. It is a lesson to be learned. No one said it would be easy to where you are going.

I say grow to the destiny you are looking to obtain and out grow the things you used to do. You are the success you make of yourself. You know the saying self made. Make yourself that That Badass Lady Boss that never looked back to go back.

Live your dream, live your vision, live your best life, and shed all the tears you must to get there because hard work pays off. You may see plenty of late nights and early morning body pain/headaches, but they will be your story to tell.

Let no one or nothing deplete you. Don’t stop, keep on keeping on until you can’t no more. You was not made to break, but you were made to get stronger. Even when we are sick we are strong. I learned that through motherhood. Have to keep going no matter what. It is the same for your vision because it is your baby being birth. Nothing can hold you back that you don’t let.

There will be struggles of many things, and I am here to tell you it is ok. You will lose many along the way, and there maybe limited people to support you. The dream is yours to keep on the path.

The plan is get a nice calendar and notebook.

Take notes, make deadlines, network, and travel to destinations

Introduce yourself to many on different medias and physical locations

Introduce yourself as who you are and not who you tend to be. You are that person already

It may be hard at first just keep your craft going become the professional. The ones you are speaking with was not there always they had to believe and speak it to be where they are. Hard working bosses they are. Don’t just be the boss, but be the badass boss you know yourself as.

Queen you are the legend of your success. Go get it.

A digital print coming soon just to remind you how badass you are. Keep checking back for it in the store.


Shawonnica S

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