Mindfulness in your lifestyle change

This morning when I woke up I notice my mind was not clear. It was if my mind was thinking before I awaken. My mind was saying there is a shift… and the shift is. It ended there. I was like what the heck is that about.

Have you ever had that happen?

If you have been following me for a while, you know I am mindful and aware of everything that surrounds me. The shift of thinking begun this morning, but check this out, it continues throughout the day or even years. I figure out what that meant. God was saying to me there has been a shift in many things in your life as well as the world.

I understand fully what that means because I have changed a lot in my life, and I have become centered. I choose to be stress and anxiety free, and whatever it takes to stay there that is what it will be. Back in my years of life I was not free because I carried everyone’s problems, tried to fix them, and neglected my own life. Neglecting my life caused disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes. I was breaking, crumbling, flooding with water, and having firestorms out of no where which was causing major stress, anxiety, clinical depression, and self-esteem issues. As I carried those problems I was not able to focus on my family which made it worse. So I chose to be free to buried all of them by loving myself through self-care.

The moment you realize your body, mind, and soul is your crown to the castle then you will finalize the decision to be happy by being the queen.

Set time aside to think about what is causing you to be sick or left behind. Make a list of those things and people. Set a date to clear or do something about it. Finalize that date. Move forward without turning back. Decide what is important to you; how are you going to get there. List steps you have to do to get where you want to be. Finalize it. Through the process always make sure you are taking care of yourself, such as buying yourself flowers, massages, pedicures, traveling, eating healthy, putting on makeup, buying your favorite perfumes, wearing your favorite fashion, and fitness. These are just some examples.

The message

A shift must occur for you to get better and transform into being happy which will lead to being the queen and boss of your castle. No one comes first in your castle before you. Carry yourself on a pedestal it is fabulous to feel marvelous and inspire and empower other women to be great. You do it, and set the example for other women to be the damn boss of their castle.

I mentioned fashion above…right. I love to buy what I like, and what fits my body so that is one of the things I started doing. Don’t settle for just clothes that fit, be your truth and purchase items you love. You will take care of yourself, and the things you love with greatness. Choose to be a Happy Queen!

A little note on the jumper:

This is a twist on summer fashion to fall fashion

It is summer fashion with beautiful prints, wide legs, open back, and zipper in the back. The material is like a linen type. It is very comfortable. Fall……Fall… Fall season. I have paired this with a cream color cardigan and elephant earrings.



Earrings~Beauty Supply Store

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