Three Must Have Beauty Products

My skin is no joke. When I tell you it doesn’t like a lot of mess, it really doesn’t. It will show up and show out the acne and pimples are for real girl. Many products don’t please my skin because a lot of times it breaks out even worse than before and I want to crawl under the covers.

I have been using Urban Skin Rx. It is magical. My skin has been on point. I am really bad about popping pimples. Anyways I had some to show up on my face before using this product. My skin changes with the seasons so it is no telling what I will get and not to mention the products I may add to the drama. This time around I decided to try Urban Skin Rx and stick to the whole brand for a period of two months. I did, and y’all I am in awe. I love everything about the three products I have used from this brand. The pimples I popped left blemishes well the products have about cleared those up. My skin has always been dull looking due to dryness. Now it is at a glow. My skin is even out from places where darkness and brightness meet. They said hello to become one even tone.

Am I recommending this product? Yes Is this a sponsored post? No

Magical is all I have to say. Butter Pecan Queen has found her beauty product to care for her skin.


Shawonnica S

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