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I took the challenge I made for myself to do the things I love and put them on my map to check off. Let’s start by saying I did one today. I have lived in Atlanta for about 19 years now and have not seen many places. So today was my first time going to Atlantic Station. I had a blast. My husband and I enjoyed our time as a couple again. We have given so much time to the kids who are grown now that we put ourselves on the back burner to raise them. It was an amazing day I must admit. I have some pictures to share below.

The Chess and my Husband John

My husband love a game of chess. Me not so much. Why… because I don’t know the rules of the game, but I like the set up and the thinking process of moving.

We were excited to see this chess game. He was actually able to take a picture inside the game he loves so much, and I was able to share this time with him. It was actually like we were dating again. I love it. More of this starting today a promise we will keep. Why I say we? The agreement has to be made by two people in order for it to occur.

My husband and me making moves to the next adventure.

You have to be inside the game in order to be the badass boss lady! Shawonnica S is inside the game dolls and gents! Taking the next move to higher.

My heart will be filled with love to accept my love to do the things I was meant to do by moving forward with my purpose in life. This one move is surely a sign of purity to stay focus and clean my heart so that I am able to care for myself with a clear conscious.

There is one thing to always remember mistakes are made to learn from. Plant your seeds to spread and grow. You will thrive on many adventures if you believe in your truth.

So we made the next move to shop for the fall season.

Blazers are a perfect pair for casual and dressy.

A lady has to be classy when stepping out so my husband chose these for me.

There is nothing like being adorn with love than to walk with pure love on your feet.

The next move…..

The next move was to fill our tummy with so much love and attention.

I hope you enjoyed our dating adventure as we did.

What would you like to see us do on our next dating adventure?

~A married couple love of 20 years this September ~

Y’all help me say God is Good all the time. God bless!


Shawonnica S

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