Vegan Heavy Cream Recipe

Potato And Kale Soup was on my menu today. As we all know I am vegan now so I had to substitute some things for dairy products which caused me to self make items. There are not any creams for heavy cream except for coconut cream. I did not want my soup tasting like coconut cream today so I made a heavy cream.

So I had already made the heavy cream before blending half of the soup above. The cream is combine in the blender. So in order to make the cream the products I used:

  1. 2/3 cup of rice milk
  2. 1/3 cup of vegan butter
  3. Blend together

The blend was awesome! I combined the ingredients with the flour and butter mix to form the cream that was needed for the soup. In addition salt, white pepper, black pepper, tarragon, and cilantro was added.

The final version is on top of the soup mix before stirring and blending for the finish version of the soup.

After adding the soup is getting thick. I did not take the final picture of the soup before I added kale. So here is a picture of the potato and kale soup.

It was so delicious! I went back two more times.

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Shawonnica S. Hightower

Lifestyle Consultant

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