Vegan Mushroom and Cheese Pita

Today I wanted a mushroom and cheese gyro, however when I went to the grocery store the gyro bread was out so I bought the pita bread. The sandwich turned out perfect and the taste was superb.

The sandwich is so easy to make and is so delicious you will want to go back for another one. Please come back and share how you like the sandwich once you make it.


*Pita Bread

*PortaBella Mushrooms

*Daiya Cheese

*variety of bell peppers

*white onions

*garlic powder with parsley

*kosher salt or pink salt


*vegan butter (dime size)

*olive oil (coat the pan)


Cut the pita bread across the top to open the bread.

Oil a cast iron pan with olive oil and vegan butter. When the butter melts and olive oil is hot place the pita bread in. Both sides should warm about 5 minutes on low heat. Then place on your dish.

In the same pan add more olive oil and butter if needed. Sauté mushrooms first and add bell peppers and onions to sauté all together. While they sauté add the seasonings to your tasting. After all is sautéed add cheese and mix together until it melts.

Now it is time to place in the pita bread. There you have it. Time to eat.


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